“View from an Airplane”

The view from an airplane is spectacular! On the ground, the weather can be gloomy and even dreary. Once a particular elevation is reached, the plane levels out and the view above the clouds completely changes. The sky reveals a crystal clear blue color with puffy white cotton-ball-like clouds. A …

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“Songs of Spring”

For the past few days, a beautiful bright red cardinal has been singing outside of our bedroom window. Cardinals don’t migrate so my husband, Dan and I have enjoyed watching them through the winter. Their color is breathtaking in winter’s snowy backyards although it’s the most fun to watch them …

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A Snowy Road


The snow keeps coming without an end in sight. I continue to drive onward… down the road. All this snow and bitter cold wind calls me toward the comforts of home where it’s safe and warm… the place where I can just be me. In between snow falls when the …

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Hamburger Happiness


When I was a little girl, my mom took my sister and I shopping downtown. I may be dating myself … but there were no malls. If you wanted to shop, downtown was the only option. I actually loved it! After carrying our purchases inside and outside and store to …

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Finding My Inner Balance


Have you ever done something that you regretted right after you have done it? A month ago, while playing the game Cranium with my children and their spouses, I drew the charades card for “The Karate Kid”. The first example that popped into my head was the infamous crane kick …

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Taking a Closer Look


Have you ever used a magnifying glass to examine the details of something more closely? This past Monday, my grandson spent the day with us because his school had lost power. Being an enthusiastic explorer, the teacher in me began to surface. We made a Mystery Box game filled with …

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