“A Treasure Once Lost”

Sometimes we are totally unaware of what treasures we may discover hidden away. It may take some effort and time, but oh, the reward is great! What was once lost, is found!

One day, my sister and I were helping at our parents’ home. Their linen closet was in disarray so I emptied out the contents and began reorganizing the towels, sheets and other assorted items. Tucked in the back, stained with a few red splotches of an unknown substance, was a beautiful crocheted cloth stitched with the Twenty-third Psalm. Memories of my grandma filled my mind. I could visualize her sitting in her recliner crocheting. I could see the time and effort it took for her to meticulously hook and loop the thread into a treasure. She truly loved the Lord so her work was a labor of love and faith in the words she was creating.treasure5

Immediately, I asked my sister and parents, “Wasn’t this grandma’s crochet piece? Why was it stuck in the back of the linen closet? Did you guys forget it was there?” Yes, they recalled the piece and that Grandma had made it. No one realized it was there or remembered how it got there.

Even though it was difficult to read due to the red stains and the wrinkled fabric, we thought it should be framed and displayed where all could enjoy this family heirloom. The process of preparing for framing turned out to be extensive: removing the stain, blocking for framing, and even purchasing the museum-quality glass. The mounting of the crocheted piece had to be on dark backing so that the print would be legible. treasure3

The piece was proudly displayed over their kitchen table for all to enjoy. A treasure lost became a focal point for reflection of fond, warm memories of days gone by. Grandma would, indeed, rejoice that we had restored this legacy of her faith.treasure2

As I reread those powerful words, my mind drifted back to my childhood. I drew strength from those words when I had nightmares, felt afraid, or was troubled. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” I would recite those words until my mind would relax enough to drift off to sleep. These words still give my soul that same reassurance … even through the abyss of great loss. The Lord provided powerful words to live by, to be shared, and to provide strength when we are in despair.

Our dad was so excited that he phoned his last living sibling and told the story of finding “the lost treasure.” His brother recalled that Grandma had also crocheted a piece with The Lord’s Prayer, that he and their deceased brother had framed and displayed in the basement of their church. Dad had not remembered that and wanted to go to see it. After contacting the minister, Dad went to view the masterpiece with two of his great-grandchildren. What a gift to be able to share God’s words of love through hand-crafted art!treasure1

Grandma had worked on bringing attention to two of the most powerful prayers in the Bible: The Twenty-Third Psalm and The Lord’s Prayer! She had done what she could to pass on her faith… to make His words front and center in our lives. As we shared these works of art with the grandchildren, faith and strength will hopefully take root in their souls, too. As novelist Isaac Bashevis Singer said, “For those who are willing to make an effort, great miracles and wonderful treasures are in store.”

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