“Broken Arm Not Heart”

daynotlost2daynotlost1Sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned. We wake up expecting the day to follow an organized plan – a chain of events – but then suddenly a road block appears and just like that, the day shifts into another direction.

We had planned to attend my brother-in-law’s wedding. My husband was a groomsman, our middle son was the ring bearer, and our oldest son was singing (even though he was just approaching his eighth birthday). While hurrying around, getting ready, doing last minute packing, the “singer” came into our bedroom. “Mom,” he said, “I think I broke my arm.” He had fallen attempting to make the top bed of his and his brother’s bunk beds.

My husband and I turned to see him holding his left arm with his right arm, which was now in the shape of the letter U. I tried not to panic or get sick. I failed at the panicking. I quickly began throwing ice into a baggy all the while ice cubes were falling all over the floor. We rushed him to the hospital where they took him to surgery, re-broke his arm and put it into a cast. Our family prayed that my brother-in-law would understand that of course, we wouldn’t be at the wedding. But God and “the wedding singer” had other plans.

Upon awaking from his surgery, this little almost-eight-year-old was puzzled when we said we were staying home. He stated that he was great now and that the wedding needed to be our destination. After all, he didn’t need his arm to sing. We may have lost a few hours but the day was not a loss – it was a win!

The song he was singing was “Love in Any Language.” Love was fluently spoken that day. Not just at the altar, but from the voice of a small child reminding us to keep the faith and know that plans are made to be altered and do not always go according to a predicted time table. Sometimes we have to roll with the punches in life and push onward. American author Robert H. Schuller once said, “It is up to us to accept a loss of time and move on. Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

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