“Clearing the Path”

clearing3rclearing2rWalking is therapy for me. It’s my time to reflect, pray, and soak in God’s world around me. One blessing is that a state park is located only a couple of miles away from home. Whenever the opportunity arises, my husband and I take in its postcard-like scenery. Being in the park is like taking a mini-vacation within a time constrained schedule.

During one trip, we had hiked along, enjoying the sounds of nature and the crunching of fall leaves under foot when the scene was disrupted by the loud roar of a motor in the distance. Rounding the corner, there was a Park Ranger with a leaf blower! All of the other trails had been covered, but now that we were back on one of the main paths, we could see the open way waiting ahead. I found myself looking back at the leaf-blocked path then forward to the clear path. My husband walked on ahead as I continued watching the ranger blowing the mounds of leaves away.
Then, I stood as still as a stop sign… and watched for a few moments. Suddenly it occurred to me. We are like this scene! God is our park ranger and guide. These hundreds of fallen leaves are like so many crazy problems and even tragedies that cover our path. It must take a power stronger than us to remove the “leaves” off life’s path to reveal our main course – our destination.

Yes, events will come to fall around us and blur the lines in the trail. As the famous writer and minister, Robert H. Schuller once said, “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” It is up to us to look to the Master Path-Clearer and Teacher to show us the way, to blow away the problems and move forward.

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