“A Mammoth Moment”

Each year, we take a family vacation with our kids and grandkids to relax, enjoy each other and learn something new about our world. One year, we took a trip to see Mammoth Cave, the “granddaddy of all cave systems.” We learned that not only is Mammoth Cave the largest cave system in the world, but some of it has yet to be explored. Pausing at the massive entrance, the cold air hit our faces as we began the downward descent.
Our grandkids had never been in a cave before now and it was great fun to hear their excitement as they saw stalactites, stalagmites and other unique cave features. Enthusiasm spilled out as the tour guide told tales of bottomless pits, candle writing, and strange, ghost-like eyeless creatures found in the underground water. Each of us had our moments of “oooh’s and ahhhh’s”.

At one point, the tour guide lit a candle and began to sing, “This Little Light of Mine” and many of us in the group joined in. After the song, we walked a little further into the case. Then the guide turned off all the lights, asked us to be quiet and perfectly still. It was so dark you could not see your hand in front of your face. The silence was bone-chilling. We had the profound sense of being alone. It was a powerful moment. When the lights came back on, our oldest grandson began talking to his mom about his thoughts on the matter. He spoke of how a cave is a lot like your heart before Jesus: dark and full of sin. When Jesus comes into our hearts, it’s like the light shining inside us. He also said that we still have some dark spots but Jesus will light our way through the sin.
The cave and heart analogy was a powerful insight revealing that only we can welcome His light into our lives. Accepting Jesus into our heart, we can let our light shine not only for ourselves but for others. I’d call this a “Mammoth Moment” for our family. We discovered that truth and beauty does not stop at ground level, but can be found as our hearts ascend toward Jesus, the true light of the world.

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