“Put on Your Lucky Hat”

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Our family traditionally spends this holiday at our lake cottage. In most families, men are the fishermen. This is not the case with my parents. Don’t get me wrong, Dad likes to fish, but Mom absolutely loves the sport!

One Memorial Day, my son-in-law Jason asked “Who wants to go fishing?”
That question was really directed to two of my grandkids, but it was Mom who jumped up and responded excitedly, “I do! I do!”
My mom’s excitement flowed out of her twinkling eyes and spilled into the room. The rest of the family smiled and watched as Mom teetered out the front door of the cottage, crossed the lawn, and ventured onto the pier. The rest of the fishing crew was not far behind. After several trips from the garage to the pier, Jason patiently managed to get my mom and the kids equipped with fishing poles, chairs, tackle, and bait. Once everyone was situated with the lines in the water and bobbers afloat, the true art of fishing began.

Waiting for that tug on the line and the bobber to go under can take lots of time and patience. As expected, the kids retired their poles long before my mom did. She spent most of the afternoon out in the sun, so much so that her fishing hat was needed. It’s one of Mom’s lucky fishing hats. Being in her 80’s, Mom has hung on to a few such hats. The look of this unique old, straw hat (complete with a woven bird’s nest on the top and faded-from-red-to-pink ribbon) gave us all a chuckle … even her.

As the day drew to a close, that hat and fishing gave me pause to reflect. Life is more than luck- it’s more about attitude. Our family had shared the day, lots of smiles and plenty of love … and a caring attitude. There is a lot of truth in this quote from an unknown author, “Good things come to those who bait.” Let’s all put on our “lucky” hats, welcome in summer and each season with God’s joy and loving attitude.FishingHat1R

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