“Voting for Simple Pleasures”

Odd as it sounds, peanut butter holds a special place in my dad’s heart. Although most people prefer pairing peanut butter with their favorite fruit jelly and two slices of bread, or surrounded by yummy chocolate, my dad chooses to eat it directly out of the jar with a regular table knife. He wants to taste only the peanut butter unobstructed by anything else.
Peanut butter is said to have both positive and negative affects on health. Many people fear that it will make them gain weight. Being a thin man, Dad has never given that notion a second thought. He could eat the entire jar and probably not advance a pound on the scale. Even if it did, the smell and the taste of peanut butter would keep him coming back for more.

When I asked him why he loves peanut butter so much, he replied with his sideways smile and giggle, “I just do!” Opening the jar and placing his nose near the jar’s mouth, Dad inhaled a long whiff. His face said it all. If Heaven had an aroma for him, it would surely be peanut butter.
We all have favorite foods that warm our heart or have that stick-to-your-taste buds lasting goodness. It’s the little things that make troubles melt away. We should all spoon ourselves out of each creamy conundrum, scooping out each problem in the spread of life. As our 20th President, James A. Garfield, said, “Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter.”

As Election Day approaches, we will all be faced with turmoil and confusion with difficult decisions. Each of us should seek to find those simple pleasures in our lives. It may be healthier for all of us. I’d rather just cast my vote for peanut butter!SimpPleas1R

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