“A Spring Lift”

There is something about the sight of colorful flowers after a long gray winter… your outlook on life opens up just like the bud of a flower. Your stride gets peppier and sometimes, even though you may be beyond the age of skipping, that action becomes integrated into your walk. Guess one might say that you have a “spring” in your step.

My husband and I were driving south after attending the funeral of a good friend. His favorite thing to do was fly model airplanes. When we stopped at a gas station, I sleepily looked out the car window and spotted small patches of spring blossoms across the street. Gazing at these flowers, visions of our friend being excited about the weather being just right for flying came to mind. The flowers felt as if they were announcing the perfect place to pass through the skies and beyond. Peace rushed over me as if I, too, were caught up and elevated to new beginnings- both his and the start of Spring.
Life here on Earth is not what we as Christians hope to attain. Those assorted fresh flowers adorning the roadway are only a fraction of what we will experience in Heaven. I found myself smiling and giggling with the newfound feeling of joy in our Lord.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Earth laughs in flowers.” Let love bloom within loss. Allow yourself a few giggles with the flowers and with God. Let Spring begin within YOU.SpringBloom2

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