“Wearing Many Hats”

While cleaning out my mother’s closet, my sister Debby and I ran across some hat boxes. We were surprised when we opened the lids to find the hats in such good condition. Most of the hats were from past eras bringing a feeling of days gone by. Just looking at each one transported us to a memory from our childhood. Mom often wore hats to church or special events. I always thought they made her look regal.
We asked Mom about some of the hats and if she had a favorite. She didn’t recall a favorite. She told us that she did enjoy wearing them and remembered wearing all of them but one. Debby and I found it odd that the navy and white hat we liked the most was the hat Mom simply didn’t ever recall wearing.
I began to think about how many hats we all wear, metaphorically. We are often wearing many at the same time – child, sister, wife, mother, friend, and the list goes on and on – cook, housekeeper, dishwasher, nurse, teacher, etc. Finally my mind rested on the most important hat of all: Christian. Do I ever take off that hat?

As I put Mom’s hats back onto the shelf, I said a prayer thanking God for my hats. They each have a special place in my life and I pray that when I am in the moment, whether it be scrubbing stains out of soiled laundry or enjoying time with my friends – my love of Christ regally displayed.

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