“Life’s Drawbridge”

When I was teaching kindergarten, I taught the kids a song about an imaginary castle on a hill with a drawbridge and a watch tower. It was such fun to sing about that imaginary castle. Who would have ever thought I’d encounter a drawbridge in real life?

While leaving my parents’ home in Florida this year, we were stopped by a crossing gate, much like a railroad crossing bar, where the road passed over an inner-coastal waterway. It had a guard station similar to the watch tower in the song. My sister and I watched in amazement as a large section of the road was drawn up into the air and a vessel from the ocean passed through the opening.
Jumping out of the stopped car, I began snapping pictures. The old song played in my head while watching the event unfold. My vantage point did not allow me to get a good picture of the ship. The drawbridge action was an incredible sight to see!
In our lives, each of us has our own personal, real drawbridge. We decide who we grant access into our lives. We allow some to come into our lives, while for others we pull up the bridge and let them simply pass through and move on. Having that control is a powerful tool.

If we allow the Bible to guide us, it tells who should stay and who should go. Chaos and insignificant drama are not allowed within God’s castle. Permit entrance only to those who make us a better version of ourselves, one who follows God’s way. When we take charge over our own drawbridge, we find the passage into God’s Kingdom.

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