“Father Knows Best”

When I was a little girl, I loved certain television shows. Most of them were in black and white. Color wasn’t an issue. The plot and the characters were the things that kept me tuning in each week.
Some of those classics can still be viewed today on the retro stations. Lately, I’ve been watching them again. “Father Knows Best” is one. I find myself retaining the moral message each episode illustrates and even sharing it with others. Occasionally, a show may leave me a little teary-eyed but I still walk away feeling spiritually uplifted.

These classic shows are very different in that they never contain sexual innuendoes or cussing. I find that refreshing! The Anderson’s are just a middle class family working together to make it through life. Granted their attires and hairstyles aren’t current, but the messages are still clearly up-to-date. They struggle to find truth, love, and happiness; just as we all do today.

Each of us wants to feel good inside and out. It is up to us to take into our spirits things that boost us up and not fill us with festering junk. It’s up to us to choose wisely what comes into our head and heart. We need to pray and ask our Lord for guidance and strength. After all, it’s true that our Heavenly Father really does know us best!

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