“Pushing Through the Rocks”

It’s April. Nine years have passed since the accident on April 20th, 2006. There are days that I still find myself waiting for Zachary to just come home already. He’s been gone far too long! The last time I saw him was in the Spring.

I have always loved the Spring. It’s filled with new growth and dazzling, vibrant colors bursting through the gray of Winter, but since that awful day, Spring has taken on a different implication. Sometimes, it’s difficult to greet these days.

Recently while outside our home, I glanced along the front of the house and noticed our tulips trying to push their way through the rocks. As I knelt down to touch them, I felt a connection. It was as if we were joined together in our pursuit to survive – both of us pushing against a hard surface, trying to see the sunny days ahead… both of us striving to live, even though it would be easier to just stay under cover. Those little stems encouraged me to keep pushing and not to give up.
Looking up from the tiny, strong tulips, I saw our picture window right in front of me. My reflection in the glass made me smile and I realized Zachary IS home… a better home than we can imagine and I know we’ll be together again one day. His smile and laughter continues to resonate, filling my soul with brightness and joy. He would want us to smile and carry on… so I will push on until my journey brings me home again, too.

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