How can we tell where we have been? In the winter, snow will reveal imprints left by whatever creature has traveled through the cold, white stuff. This year, we have seen coyote footprints right outside our front door. I have to admit I was not too excited to see those impressions. The paw prints revealed a straight path of determined purpose.
In our backyard, two of our grandkids, Lily and Connor, played in the snow with their new puppy, Penny. Their footprints were scattered in various directions. An unclear and uncharted course was displayed in those footprints. Some of their tracks intersected and even ran together… no end in sight!
Sand, too, reflects whatever has traveled through it. While visiting my parents in sunny, warm Florida, I had the chance to witness this first hand. There is a strip of beach not highly traveled. As I walked that stretch of beach, I made a path near the water’s edge. Tracks2Then, turning back, I took a picture of my trail and waited for what I knew would happen next. Within a few minutes, the waves totally swept away most of my footprints. The deepest print faded last. Eventually, every trace that I had been there vanished.
Sand and snow are two different substances, but do have a commonality. Even though one is found in warm climate and the other in extreme cold, they both have the ability to give you an idea about who has passed through them. Both are soft so that the trail will eventually fade away.

We all make tracks. What will we leave behind? Will we leave an unclear print or one that is deep and lingering? Will our path be straight or jumbled? An unknown author once said, “We all leave footprints in the sand, the question is, will we be a big heel, or a great soul.” No matter what the climate is in our lives, we all will leave some sort of impression on someone. It’s up to us to be sure-footed enough to leave a good path… one that won’t vanish.

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