“Icy Fishing”

Cold is not something I embrace willingly. In fact, my husband would say that I announce my lack of regard for the cold rather vocally. Rock Lake, where our family cottage is located, is popular for fishing, even in the winter. Just the thought sitting in a row boat on a partially-frozen lake makes me shiver.
I can picture it easily. The pier of the lake cottage IceFishingreveals the coldness of the water. Ice forms on the edges surrounding the lake. The sky is an ominous shade of gray. Snow lies on the banks giving the lake an even colder dimension. Brrrrrr!

In the fall, summer, and spring, I love to fish. The peacefulness of the lake, the rocking of the boat, and the anticipation of the bobber going under- all of these things factor into why I enjoy the sport. I thought about those winter fishermen and their determination. How could they sit in that frigid boat just waiting for the fish to bite? Could my love for fishing ever outweigh my aversion to the cold? Perhaps, with the toe-heaters, hand-warmers and a thermos of hot tea, I might tackle the cold.

American author Washington Irving once said, “There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.” Life is a conundrum of events. We make choices based on many things. Sometimes you have to make the decision to push through adversity to find your joy- to find what brings happiness. God is our shelter in the cold, our port in life’s icy waters. It’s up to us to persevere to reach what gives us that peace… that serenity of the mind.

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