“A Christmas Message”

Though Christmas is past, I couldn’t stop thinking about a special Christmas message. We had just spent the day setting up our first Christmas decoration, The Christmas Village. It was Terrific Tuesday, our special day of the week when we have the four grandkids over for a visit. We knew that they would be excited to look at the small ornately decorated houses and the little inhabitants who looked like characters out of a Dickens’ Christmas. As expected, the grandkids arrived and excitedly looked over the winter scene full of shops, churches and other points of interest.

After a while, Camden left the village and went to work at the kitchen counter. He had taken out a library book from school and was copying Chinese writing on a piece of paper. I went over to discuss his work when he paused, looked me in the eye and asked, “What do you call that fancy writing Uncle Zack used to do?”
I was startled by his question for a second, then responded, “Well, Cam, that’s called calligraphy.”
Camden replied, “I want to see some of his.”
“Well, we can do that,” I told him.
“Right now,” Cam answered.
After catching my breath in my throat, I responded, “Hmmm…ok, let’s go upstairs and get out his art supplies and take a look.”
I proceeded upstairs with Camden following close behind. I took the large box out of the closet and sat it down on the stairway landing. Zachary had three Calligraphy sets. I removed the lid to the first one and right on top was a note from Zach. There, in the most beautiful handwritten calligraphy, was a message that read, “I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May God Bless you and keep you always, Zachary Novak.”
Tears filled my eyes but before I could say a word, Camden looked at me, read the note, then said, “Hey, Meme. Why are you sad? This is a really nice note!”

I had to laugh. Cam was right. It was a very nice note. What a true blessing filled with the true meaning of Christmas!! Miracles aren’t just things of the past. They DO still happen. We just have to be still long enough to look and listen to God’s message around us. A little child shall lead us…

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