“New Year, New Beginnings”

We haven’t had much snow this year (although if the forecast is correct that will be changing overnight). Don’t get me wrong: after last year’s never-ending bombardment of the cold white stuff, I am not complaining. Snow always gives me pause to reflect on the gift of Snowbabies™. These are precious, hand-painted porcelain figurines that Zachary would buy each year for me at Christmas. He bought me eight of these sweet little collectables that I keep in my arched glass curio.new_beginnings_snowbabies2 After Zachary’s last purchase, I told everyone never to buy me another. It was just too painful.

This year, while browsing at Moneyhun’s, a beautiful local gift shop, I spotted a lit, Snowbaby nativity scene. My mind drifted back to the wonderful way these little snowy figures touched my heart each Christmas. How perfect that this particular one reflected the birth of our Savior and, for an added bonus, it lit up, too! As my fingers touched the small sweet faces and then flipped the tiny switch to turn it on, I couldn’t help but think, “Shouldn’t we let our light shine for the world to see, too? Isn’t that what we all should reflect?”
When I got home, my mind kept going back to the meaning within that fragile white porcelain. I shared the shopping story with my husband, Dan. A few weeks later, at our family Christmas celebration, I discovered he had acted on my tale. For the first time in nine years, I unwrapped a Snowbaby. new_beginnings_zack.But this year wasn’t about the painful memories but rather the best gift any of us has received. It was about God’s son sent to set us free. It was about new beginnings and warm memories. It was a gift full of new life! Here’s to 2015… a new year and a new start!

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