“Surviving Thanksgiving”

My granddaughter, Kendall, had a special homework project. She was given a large paper turkey and told to help that turkey survive Thanksgiving by creating a disguise. There was one more requirement: the disguise was supposed to represent the student or the family.

After some careful consideration, Kendall knew her turkey had to make it past Thanksgiving so she could shop for bargains on Black Friday. She has already acquired the love of glitz and glamour. Several of us in the family, like her mother, aunts, Nana and me, often refer to shopping as a sport so perhaps it’s an inherited trait.
thanksgiving 1
When the turkey’s look was completely changed to conceal the identity, I received a text message with a photo of Kendall and her newly decked-out turkey. The turkey was dressed from head to toe, complete with hot pink shoes, lots of “bling” and several bags to hold all of the purchases. Kendall is known for wearing large bows in her thick dark hair so of course, the turkey had to wear a large bow, too. I had to admit that the turkey was a true representation of Kendall.
thanksgiving 2
When I went to her school, I was amazed by all the unique disguises her fellow classmates had developed. There were princesses, soldiers, fairies, ninja warriors, and a plethora of assorted ways to keep each turkey safe from becoming the main course at the upcoming feast. I was surprised at the variety of creative appearances. All of the students wanted to keep their turkeys safe. What a fun, imaginative assignment!
thanksgiving 3
Mother Teresa once said, “Each of us is Jesus in disguise.” On this authentic American holiday, let each of us see through the masks that shield the heart of each person. Search for the good in each of us. Look beyond what we see with our eyes and see Jesus.

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