“Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut”

How many nuts could one tree hold? We have an Oak tree that is dripping with acorns. After painfully stepping on and mowing over many of those pointed nuts, my husband decided a clean-up was in order. The buckets full of nuts seemed never ending. I began to think it was raining acorns… I began to question why do we need so many?
nuts B
Everything has a purpose. Besides making one of the mightiest trees, the acorn provides food for wildlife, like squirrels. Feasting on these nuts, these fluffy tailed creatures stuff their mouths until they can hold no more. It’s easy to understand where the term “squirreled away” comes from. The squirrel is a planner who thinks ahead, setting aside food caches to see him through the harsh, cold winter months. It’s fun to watch them scurry around to bury their treasures in secret hiding places. Amazing how they know each place the nuggets are hidden.

While growing up, our backyard had an abundance of squirrels. I tried to feed them and occasionally had some luck with the endeavor. Once when my friend, Carol and I were in Michigan, we had great success feeding those bushy tailed friends. Reflecting back on those times, giving nuts to those creatures wasn’t the brightest thing to do. After all, they were wild, and nature provided them abundantly.
nuts squirrel C
Squirrels vocalize to defend their territory and to seek food or friends. My brother-in-law, Ray-Ray does a great imitation of the squirrel noises. We enjoy asking him to emulate squirrels, resulting in a lot of laughter. Until I heard these imitations, I didn’t know that the squirrel has its own unique sound.

As Christians, we should take lessons from our furry, industrial friend, the squirrel. We must be ready for hard times and make noise when needed. Know when to be adventurous and be cautious of matters beyond our reach. We can always learn from nature, even when looking at nuts!

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