Autumn is in the air! You can smell it on the breeze. What signals the change of seasons in Indiana? The temperature falls and the crops slow down. Lately, there is more than a hint that cold weather’s coming.
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My husband has been working hard preparing for the cold weather. The buzz of chain saw and the pop of the log splitter, then, the smell of freshly chopped wood alert the neighbors that the season is changing. We huddle around bonfires and move with each shift of the wind to avoid getting smoke in our eyes. That smoky scent lingers on your clothes long after the fire is out… all of the sounds and smells of the crisp, colorful season.

One of my best friends, Beth, married a farmer. I’ve heard of the hard work around the farm and the harvesting time that revolves around the weather. Sometimes her husband, Gordon is in the fields for days. season of sense CTiming is crucial. Whenever I see farmers, I can’t help but respect and appreciate their hard work.

The season of autumn is the transition from warm to cold weather. Even if we are not ready for the next season, it will happen. As we walk through life, we should get ready for the unexpected and harvest the fruits of our labor. Changing weather in our lives is inevitable yet unpredictable. It is up to us to store up His Word so we are ready when life gets cold. If prepared, we can huddle around the warmth of God’s love and find the sweet scent of faith and hope that will remain long after the smoke has vanished.
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