“What’s Your Mission?”

Mission Trip… whenever those words are heard, I envision a place far away. A place located somewhere requiring a passport, a plane ride to get to the destination and a week or more away from home.
Recently, I was blessed to go on a mission trip to Springfield, Illinois. We packed a lot into three days. Even though I wasn’t a member of the church sponsoring the trip, the group made me feel more than welcome.

Our primary purpose was to work at a distribution center that helps people in need inside and outside of our country. For example, kits containing cleaning supplies are sent to areas suffering adversity. The center also assembles kits for babies, makes desks out of scrap bleachers, fixes bicycles (literally hundreds of bikes)MissionTrip Bikes 1, and repairs old sewing machines. It was amazing to see the vast number of items organized and ready to be sent at a moment’s notice. Who would have thought a place needing our help was just a few hours away?

We also worked a bread line that serves more than 600 people a day. Some of our group washed dishes, others helped prepare food for future meals, and a couple of us served food. It was humbling to be a small part of such a big operation. It was a blessing to be able to greet each person and pray for them as they went through the line. I couldn’t help but think, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

Now when I hear the words, Mission Trip, I won’t form a vision of a place outside my reach. Our mission in life can start here and now. There are needs all around us. We can pray for the person in line at the grocery or the person in the car beside us.

The bottom line is missions aren’t about us or our “projects” – they are about seeking God’s purpose. Missions are about making a difference… and sometimes the mission trip is right where you are.

More information can be found at: www.midwestmissiondc.org

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