“Seeing Signs”

What is a “sign”? A sign by definition is an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else. That is the meaning given in the dictionary, but to me, there is more to it.
For me, a “sign” has come to mean an incident or circumstance that is a message from God. It is a supernatural indication in which God states, “This sign is from Me. It could not happen otherwise.”

Last week on Zachary’s birthday, my husband, Dan and I witnessed some signs. After we made our donations toward Zachary’s scholarship at Anderson University, we asked Dr. Wright, the Dean of Music, if we could stop by the Zachary Novak Green Room in the York Performance Hall.
As we approached, Dr. Wright was puzzled by the fact that the Green Room door was open and the lights on. As we entered, our eyes quickly fixed on a single cough drop on the countertop. Not just any cough drop, but a Ricola, the brand we found in Zachary’s pockets, office and apartment. Now, I know that lots of vocal performers use cough drops, but I choose to believe that the welcoming lights, open door and that cough drop were meant for us. It was as if Zachary was saying, “I’m still here. The show DOES go on!”

Later that afternoon, we went to the cemetery. We had seen a Praying Mantis last year, but I didn’t give it much thought. I was pre-occupied with hauling crates containing the fall flowers to decorate the headstone. Before I could unpack the crates, I spotted a Praying Mantis on the lid. As I went to clean off the headstone, another one of these special visitors arrived. They almost seemed to pose as I snapped their photograph.
God’s love surrounds us, if we are simply willing to notice these signs or “modern day miracles.” I remain ever so grateful that we have a God that announces His presence. Finding these signs gives a sense that Zachary and God are working together, giving us strength to move forward each day.

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