“Taking a Drip”

Summer is slipping… and dripping away. How can this be? I recall starting school after Labor Day and ending for summer vacation after Memorial Day. Times change, but new lessons are always on the horizon, whether you are in or out of school.

Trips to the ice cream shop may slow down along with other summer activities, but I will choose to keep dipping into the delight beyond the season. I prefer hand-packed, hard ice cream, but occasionally, soft-serve dipped in chocolate is a great change of pace. Change can be a challenge. I am reluctant to try new flavors because venturing into unknown territory may result in disappointment. But new adventures can thaw the soul. Good things come in all sizes and flavors… and last year round.
take dip photo
Growing up, home-made ice cream was a rare and special treat. Dad would set up the ice cream maker on our back porch. The machine would grind and grind. More salt and ice needed to be added during the process. The work had to be monitored so that the ice cream turned out. We could hardly wait for that sweet, creamy treat! My husband, Dan, continues the tradition. It still takes just as long today as it did then – sometimes patience is worth the wait.

Choose your adventure. Investigate something new. Explore all options- whether at home or away. As the famous playwright, Thornton Wilder said, “My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just to enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate.”

Raise your ice cream in remembrance of good times and new memories in the making. Make a toast to learning and new experiences. Take pleasure in each drip and savor each moment before it melts away.

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