“It’s in the Bag”

Remember the fun days of summer when you were a kid? Remember days that felt like they lasted forever and the simple things you did with family and friends? RemeKidsInBagsphotomber playing outside games like Tag, Kick-the-Can and Gunny Sack Races?

Recently, I purchased a game called “Frog Hop,” which is a version of the Gunny Sack Race. It contained four brightly colored bags with large white frogs on the front. The bags had handles so that the person inside can grip the bag while jumping. (When I was little, we used old pillowcases or burlap bags, if we were able to get them. Nothing too fancy, but did the job all the same.)

On what we call Terrific Tuesday, the grandkids gave “Frog Hop” a try. My husband Dan stood at one end of the yard as the kids held onto their bags and leaped from the starting point toward his open arms. The backyard was filled with much laughter and a few falls, but the activity was successfully accomplished.

I stood at theKidsInBagsActionphoto sidelines snapping photos with my mind going back and forth through time. I watched them with their fists grasped tightly to the handles, stretching their legs to jump as far as they could reach – the girls’ hair swung back and forth with each bounce. Such a wonderful sight! Even though they would fall, they’d scramble back up and go again. It was exciting to watch and to reflect back on my own childhood.

Kids are so resilient and open to new ideas. Without hesitation, they were ready to try the new game. They have faith that we will be there for them – to introduce new ideas, to help them with open arms, and pick them up when they fall down. To love them – win or lose. I’m so grateful that I have a heavenly Father who feels the same way about me. As we race toward our finish line, remember… it’s all in the bag!

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