“A Carpenter”

Our oldest grandson, Camden wanted real tools for his birthday. No plastic – real tools to create real things. My mind fell back into thoughts of when his father and uncle wanted the same thing. There is something about building that a video game just can’t provide. Working hands-on to produce something lasting is such a rewarding experience.

My skills with tools are limited so I asked my husband for guidance. Before the tools were taken out, Dan gave a safety talk. He stressed that tools were to be used with adult supervision ONLY. As the other grandkids gathered around, I found myself learning right along with them.
Carpenter photo
Before diving into the tools, Camden had to decide what he wanted to make. He opted to make a simple keepsake box for his treasures. Although Camden wanted to jump right into cutting away, Dan informed him of the importance of preplanning prior to construction. A true carpenter must make sure that he has equal sides, which requires measuring and using a straight edge to mark where to begin sawing. Soon, the smell of fresh cut wood filled the air followed by the sound of pounding nails. Carefully, Dan guided the saw and demonstrated the “how to’s” of using a hammer to drive in the nails. Then Dan assisted Camden, guiding the tools as they worked together. This took time and patience, but finally, the box was complete.
Carpenter  B photo
Watching these skills being passed down to another generation, I thought how God works with us in much the same way if we let Him. Jesus is the master carpenter who teaches, guides, and finally, completes us. It’s up to us to pass down what we know to the next generation – how to be a craftsman… to be like Jesus.

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