What is a cousin? By definition, a first cousin or full cousin is the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt. My first cousins and I were close growing up. Later, we formed a card club with other close friends and met once a month. We ALL became family over the years. I have to admit that we spent more time eating, talking, and laughing than playing cards.
Later, as our children became more involved in sports and other activities, the card club stopped and we rarely had the chance to get together. The memories made during those years created deep and lasting bonds. Quotes and funny stories still remain a source of laughter and many smiles.

This past week, my cousin Peggy’s husband passed away. Without hesitation, the card club friends came together to make food for the funeral visitation times. Phone calls and texts came pouring in: “What can we do to help? What does Peggy need?” Some made homemade cookies and brownies. Others, who were out of town, volunteered to send money because they couldn’t attend. Everyone wanted to help their “cousin”.

Loss is beyond words, but it’s the strength of God, good friends and family that pull us through and fill our hearts, minds…and even our stomachs. There is a famous quote that states: “Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.” I thank God for the times we have shared and pray that we always strive to connect with our “cousins” whether they are by definition or by the heart.

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