“Oh What a Tangled Mess”

HairTanglephotoMargo (known as “Nana” to our mutual grandchilden) and I were watching our grandson’s baseball game. Our granddaughter Kendall came running over to us, pointed to a big tangle in her hair and said, “Before you get upset, this was an accident and it’s all my fault.”

We giggled a little and asked her to explain. She told us that her new friend was braiding her hair but Kendall had pulled out the rubber band. I rummaged through my purse for a comb or something to eliminate the tangle. Both grandmas worked on the situation but were unable to untangle the massive knot without resulting in a lot of, “Ouch! That hurts!” Finally, she dismissed our efforts, telling us, “It’s alright. My mommy will fix it later. My new friend is waiting.”

After the game, upon seeing the tangle, my son Joel said, “Kendall, what did you do?” As she retold the story, Joel whipped out his car key and began running the key through the knot. Yes, there was protesting, but only for a short while as her father worked on her hair. Kendall trusted that her dad knew what he was doing and the knot would be gone. Joel did just that – he took care of the mess.

Father’s Day gave me time to reflect on the incident. Isn’t that tangle just like life? Many people try to fix a problem, but it takes a strong father who, like God, takes care of a mess and straightens it out. I’m grateful to fathers who take charge of their children, letting them know that they are in good hands.


  1. What a lovely website, Misty!

    I have finally turned the page and am no longer teaching at AU. Sorting through the many files I accumulated over my 34 years of teaching, I came across a short paper Zack wrote; I kept it to remind myself that there was value to the assignment:) Let me know if you and Dan would like to have it.



    • m55novak@yahoo.com

      Great to hear from you. Would love to have the paper. You can message me your email or phone through the See You In A Minute facebook page, or if you reply to this with that information, I won’t publicly publish the reply, whichever is easiest! Thanks again, Misty.

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