“Running the Race”

RaceCarphotoRacing is synonymous with Indiana, best known for The Indianapolis 500. My granddaughter Lily’s kindergarten class held an event called The Kindy 500. The students place carefully designed cardboard boxes over their heads, wearing them around their waists, and run in a race. Students are responsible for getting boxes and decorating them for the occasion. The unique styles of the vehicles were amazing and it was delightful to see the broad array of creations: fire trucks, police cars, buses, taxis, jeeps, super hero cars, animal cars, and all kinds of imaginative displays.

It was obvious that these modes of transportation were not made by the students alone. It was a family project. My daughter and her husband spent several evenings with Lily deciding on the style and color while developing the headlights, taillights, and decorative wheels. Shoulder straps were securely, yet stylishly attached. Lily’s car had side handles, which gave her an edge because she could hold up her car and run without bearing the weight of the car on her shoulders.

Watching this event unfold reminded me of our lives. Each of us selects our own path for the race of life. We are not alone in how we develop our design and hopefully we ask for input from older, more experienced drivers. Our life must have purpose and functionality or it is pointless and the race can’t be finished without collapsing.

We are all unique and possess a certain distinct flare. God serves as our handles, making our journey lighter and giving us an edge. We just need to hold on tight and run, keeping our eyes fixed on the finish line. Friends and family will be there to cheer us on, but in the end, it’s all about the choices we make before completing the race.

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