SmilephotoThe grandkids have begun losing teeth. Their smiles reflect the quick passing of years and the stages of growing up. It’s been great fun to hear the variety of ways the family tried to remove a loose tooth. One of those charming ways was to wrap one end of a piece of string around the tooth and the other end around a door knob. Another attempt that made me chuckle was tying a string to a Nerf gun instead of a door knob. The extraction methods varied from ineffective to finally, successful via “wiggling” with a washcloth.

Those baby teeth are treasured heirlooms as each one of the grandkids have wanted to keep their first one. As adults, we know that the permanent teeth are the ones that hopefully will last a lifetime.

Teeth have some parallels to life. There are only a few things in life that are lasting so we cherish certain items and the associated memories. Your smile affects your face. Throughout my life, I have had to learn to wear different faces. You can’t always go around feeling and looking sad, although it is sometimes a struggle figuring out how find happiness.

I hope to be remembered for my smile, not my frown. Happy is the best face… with or without teeth.

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