“Hope… Floats”

RosesOnWaterphotoIt’s been eight years since the accident. Dan, Ralph, Rainelle, and I continue to make the sacred trek to the site of the crash. It remains a calm, peaceful place with a pond containing frogs, tadpoles and water bugs. Cardinals were singing and the weather was wonderful.

Flowers – always Calla lilies and this year, roses – were laid at the base of the hand-engraved cross Dan made – the cross with each of the five friends’ names. We tossed a few petals into the water, and watched as the petals came together. Even though they were carefully thrown into the pond as separate pieces, they clustered together on the shore seeming to cling to the old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together.” How like those petals were these friends? They were people who had similar characteristics and interests – they chose to spend time together. And now four parents were coming together in much the same way.

As the peace of the woods filled my soul, the image of the changing trees reflecting on the water revealed the paradoxical quick … and slow passing of time. I couldn’t help but think, “Heaven and Earth am I with you”… I’ll see Zachary in a minute. For now, I’m ever so grateful for friends who flock together. My hope and faith continues to float.


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