“Looking for Rainbows”

April 20th marks the anniversary of the worst event in my life. Just flipping the calendar and reading the month’s name brings rushing anxiety. Sometimes I even have to remind myself to breathe. I find myself escaping our small city to try to ease the pain.

While in Rome recently, we saw some spectacular, ornately designed fountains. The fountains of Rome operate purely by gravity – the source of water must be higher than the fountain itself, and the difference in elevation and distance between the source and the fountain determine how high the fountain can shoot water. Life is full of emotions shooting up and down with God as our higher source. He elevates us to greater heights, if we let Him.

We never know what’s hidden in the spraying, gushing water unless we inhale the beauty and really examine the water closely. Even when life feels like it’s exploding or imploding, pause… take a deep breath and take a closer look. There is a bigger picture with little glimpses of brighter, more colorful days reflecting within the fountain of life. Walk through the spray and see the little rainbows hidden within.

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