“View from an Airplane”

PlaneViewphotoThe view from an airplane is spectacular! On the ground, the weather can be gloomy and even dreary. Once a particular elevation is reached, the plane levels out and the view above the clouds completely changes. The sky reveals a crystal clear blue color with puffy white cotton-ball-like clouds. A hazy line divides the two distinct layers of the upper atmosphere. God’s beauty is clear. It’s truly a heavenly sight!

Airplanes have taken on a different meaning for me since 2006. Whenever the news broadcasts a missing plane or an accident (which seems to be constant these days), I’m transported back in time. I can’t help but think of Zachary every time I hear about a plane. It would be unnatural if I didn’t think of him and the other four students that were involved in that tragic accident. I always say a prayer for our children and for the families who have been affected by the new tragedy.

Should the disaster keep me from flying? All of my life, I’ve always enjoyed flying. I think Zachary would expect me to continue flying and not be afraid.

Gazing out the window, my eyes may be full of tears, but I see clear blue sky above the clouds, a breathtaking, unique, and an endless horizon. I think life possesses those same qualities… the heavenly view from an airplane.

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