“Songs of Spring”

For the past few days, a beautiful bright red cardinal has been singing outside of our bedroom window. Cardinals don’t migrate so my husband, Dan and I have enjoyed watching them through the winter. Their color is breathtaking in winter’s snowy backyards although it’s the most fun to watch them in the spring.

Other birds have joined in the chorus but that male cardinal has been the most vociferous. He has been relentless about calling to his mate. His loud, metallic chip note makes the cardinal’s song easy to identify. The female cardinal is one of the few female birds to sing and she often sings while sitting on the nest. I love to hear them calling to each other!

With all that being said, this pair of song birds gives me hope that this never ending, record breaking winter will come to a close and the snow will melt and warm weather will be coming. If troubles and cold thoughts drift through your life, take a few moments, pause and listen to the music coming from the trees. Close your eyes, envision the sights and sounds announcing that there is a change of seasons. Let your troubles melt away.  Sing a song of spring just like the cardinals!cardinal-20140223-00107

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