Hamburger Happiness

1496698_658389637552412_1152472608_nWhen I was a little girl, my mom took my sister and I shopping downtown. I may be dating myself … but there were no malls. If you wanted to shop, downtown was the only option. I actually loved it!

After carrying our purchases inside and outside and store to store, the highlight of the day came when it was time to take a break for lunch. The smell of onions frying on a grill beckoned us from Hill’s Snappy Service, a few blocks away. I couldn’t wait to get to that hamburger shop!

Recently, my husband and I journeyed to the heart of Madison, a small town in southern Indiana. We walked the streets for a while before the familiar scent of grilled onions wafted in the air.

Triggered by that familiar aroma, the memory of that hamburger shop came rushing back. Once again, I was that little girl being drawn into the shop. Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop has a long wooden bar and red vinyl swivel stools with little else in the tiny café. The bar is lined with silver napkin dispensers, ketchup squeeze bottles, clear glass sugar cylinders and salt and pepper shakers. We quickly found two empty stools as my mind kept going back in time.

Munching on those delicious hamburgers, I was thankful for the ability to travel- both in the state of Indiana and in my mind. Joyfully lost in those feelings, I know God has given us these chances to smile and breathe in happiness- it’s as simple as enjoying a hamburger.

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